The HSC results of the St Mary’s Cathedral College Class of 2020 were among the best in the history of the college.

Students from the college appeared 99 times on the Distinguished Achievers merit list, which recognises students who score in the top band in a subject (a mark of 90% or better). These appearances were shared among 42 students in 26 courses. Expressed as a percentage of papers sat, this figure makes Cathedral College the best-performed boys’ systemic school in the archdiocese.

The tremendous results achieved by students were reflected in the ATARs. At least 21 students received an ATAR of 90 or above and many other students received ranks far in excess of their expectations.

Amazingly, Cathedral students scored an average mark above the state average in 28 of the 32 courses offered. Courses with averages more than 5% above the state included Ancient History, Chemistry, Construction, Engineering Studies, English Extension 1, English Studies Examination, Investigating Science, Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Extension I, Mathematics Extension 2, PDHPE, Studies of Religion II, and Visual Arts. Results in English Extension 2 (15.08% above state average) and Industrial Technology (17.28% above and the greatest number of Band 6s of any school in NSW) were exceptionally strong.

In addition to results connected with the formal examinations, many students have had their work acknowledged by nomination and selection in the various NESA showcases for practical works. No fewer than 19 students had their work nominated for the Industrial Technology showcase Shape, and Gabriel Snoch’s work was selected for display. Four students had their Visual Arts Body of Work nominated for ARTEXPRESS; both Daryl Chan and Nicholas Kapruziak had their works selected for the exhibition. Two students had their work nominated for the Music showcase ENCORE.

Of particular note were the achievements of Cullen Lum, 2020 Dux of the College. Cullen was listed as an HSC All Rounder, having scored Band 6 results in all his courses. Cullen was placed first in the Archdiocese in Music 2 (99/100), Mathematics Extension 2 (98), and English Advanced (94), a rare treble. Cullen said finding out that he had received the highest possible ATAR of 99.95, a first for the College, was ‘quite the shock’, even though he had been happy with his performance in the exams. Cullen attributes his success to both forming good study habits (emphasising the need to begin tasks well in advance of their due date) and to the ‘endless help of my teachers’. Cullen plans to eventually study Medicine as a postgraduate at Sydney University and will begin a Bachelor of Science this year.

Mr Kelleher and Cullen Lum
Mr Kelleher and Cullen Lum